We are a small scale farm near Paige Tx with two dogs, four goats, rows of fresh food, shelves full of canned goods, goats milk soaps, and CBD products!  We strive to nourish people and the land.

Travis and Rebekah McPhaul

Growing up in different parts of central Texas, we both had family who loved to grow pants and garden while in general had a love and fascination for nature and cultivating the land around us.

We met in 2017 taking classes at ACC and became the first two graduates of the Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship program. We quickly became friends and bonded over our mutual desire to have our own farming business. Rebekah, raised chickens, goats, and made Goat Milk Soap for many years prior, while Travis, gardened and was fascinated with plants. We both decided it was time to pursue more knowledge about running a farm business and found the perfect program in Elgin, Texas to start expanding our skills.

We fell in love while learning together and decided to start our own farm. Travis went on to work at the ACC student farm and plays a role in cultivating the minds of the curious students and future farmers who come to learn about farming. In 2018, while finishing up the last of our classes, we tired our first farmers market. The offerings were goat milk soap, and microgreens. It was not at all the glamorous sell out in the first hour market we were hoping for, but it was nice to finally get our toes wet and put what we had learned to use!

Now, we are managing a large garden full of fresh seasonal veggies, a small heard of goats, and regularly pickling veggies in the kitchen.

We strive to bring quality products to our community.


Hank came to us from a small homestead near Elgin Texas. Being a full blood Pyrenees his Father and Mother were also guard dogs. He takes his job at Bucking Goat seriously. Often lying were he can keep an eye on everyone at the same time he is always watching and quick with a bark.


Drover came to us from BeeTree, a small goat dairy outside Manor, Texas. When we rounded the corner of the barn where the puppies were kept they all  came running to the fence but not Drover. He looked over his shoulder at us and then decided to go back to napping. He was so chill we knew we had found the right pup.  Half Pyrenees half Anatolian Shepherd he is always there to back Hank up should the alarm barks go off. You will find him sleeping with the herd or laying in one of the big holes he likes to dig.

Peggy and Beulah are sisters who came to Bucking Goat from a small herd in La Grange, Texas. They are the first goats to call Bucking Goat home and raising them from bottle babies they will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Luanne and Sallymay came to us from a family in Austin Texas who couldn’t keep them anymore.  They quickly adjusted to life on the farm and fit in here quite nicely. They enjoy spending most of their days grazing and loafing with Peggy and Beulah. This year Luanne was a first time momma!